Book Reading and Crafts Workshop

We deliver interactive, educational and fun workshops for children and their parents​ to experience our titles and explore some of their themes. Sessions typically last 1 hour and are delivered at a venue of your choice. This service is suitable for:

  • Supplementary set-ups (madrasah, activity groups etc.)

  • Events (parties)

  • Formal educational settings


We provide a range of consultancy services for madrasas and similar set-ups, designed to assist them in reaching their potential as providers.

We prefer to have a medium to long term relationship with our client madrasahs. This is because we take a holistic view of each individual setting and tailor our services to their particular needs.

Our services are delivered in-house (at the madrasah). If required, we can arrange for a suitable venue.


Our main services are:

Madrasah Development/Improvement Plan

We work with madrasahs to self-evaluate their setting to understand their strengths and areas for development. We then produce a detailed plan with the madrasah to further strengthen good practice and/or address areas requiring improvement. This service includes:

  • Audit

  • Analysis

  • Baseline assessment of Madrasah

  • Identify key development areas

  • Produce tailored development/improvement plan

  • Implementation phase

  • Monitoring

  • Measuring impact

  • Policies and frameworks

  • Strategic planning


Coaching and Mentoring

We can help develop the capacity and skill set of madrasah staff and management with a tailored coaching and mentoring service which can include:

  • Audit

  • Analysis

  • Individual/team developmental plans

  • INSET and staff training

  • Observations and feedback

The above services can be provided in isolation of each other or interlinked (depending on the needs of the madrasah).


INSET, CPD and Staff Training

We deliver continuing professional development (CPD) training to help madrasahs ensure that their staff are progressing as professionals. These training sessions can be selected as stand alone sessions or can be part of our wider, holistic service. Some of our CPD areas are:

  • Assessment

  • Behaviour

  • Differentiation

  • Lesson Planning

  • Madrasah Management for Head Teachers

  • Madrasah Management for Committees

  • Self Evaluation

  • Using storybooks to Enhance Learning at Madrasah

  • Data and Data Analysis

  • Communicating with Parents and Stakeholders


If you would like us to deliver a session on a subject not listed above, please contact us.

For further information or to discuss your organisation's requirements, please get in touch.